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Added value services


Clever Services helps create value through the implementation and development of systems aligned to corporate technology and the business strategy of its clients at an adequate cost / quality. Responsible for outsourcing, training and change management of human resources, with traditional methodologies and e-learning. The portfolio of services make our company a “Service Integration Provider” for specific IT needs of its customer base. The services, in which Clever specializes, are the following:

Selection, training and outsourcing of human resources

Clever is in charge of Personnel Selection, payroll outsourcing, and providing factories for development and testing, both on-site and remote, customized training courses at the client’s home or through e-learning.

Business process consulting

Clever helps improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes throughout the life cycle of its clients. It’s responsible for the assembly of tenders, reengineering of business processes, audits, risk assessment, quality management and procedures.

Systems and technology consulting

Clever works on the functional definitions, the implementation of the Banking Core, Call Center, CRM, ERP, BPM and BI, custom systems development, customer onboarding processes and fraud control. The experience covers technologies such as Java, .NET, T24, mobile, Microsoft, SAP and ORACLE.


Implementation Services


Comparison and selection of products

Revision of requirements and compliance

Funcional Training in the product

Development of interfaces and customizations

Audit and recommendations

Core Banking

Technical support for the daily production activity, solving problems related to online and COB

Performance improvement for the batch (COB)

Technical / Functional Training in the product

Development of interfaces and customizations

Audit and recommendations

EHS Ocupacional Health, Hygiene and Risks 

Product implementation and maintenance

Revision of requirements and compliance

Functional Training in the product

Development of interfaces and customizations

Audit and recommendations


Vaults and Branches

Implementation of the vault administration system

Revision of requirements and compliance

Integration of peripheral devices

Kiosk Implementation (Totem)

Audit and recommendations of branch processes


Technology Services

Integration and Analytics

Discovery and data preparation

Predictive analytics

BIG DATA analytics

ESB Integration Bus

Integration of SOA services

Origination and Onboarding

Origination with the process for the registration of applications

Onboarding taking the client’s information, based on the OCR of the identity document

Identification of the client through biometrics (fingerprint and facial)

Developments and BI Indicators

Java and .NET developments

Implementation of boards with indicators

Developments in Power BI

Migration to open platforms

Functional Testing

Functional, performance and user tests

Migration and data cleansing

Environment management T24

Integration with tools such as HP QC, Jira and TestLink

Generate pre-configured reports


Consulting Services

  • Project Management Office (PMO), Executive Training and Change Management
  • Consultancy for the Analysis of Requirements, Selection and Testing of Applications
  • Development and validation of rules, protection of personal and organizational data
  • Audit and Recommendations of the control environment of Technology and Computer Security
  • Government Consulting (Cobit) and Technological Risk
  • Consulting for Strategic Planning and Enterprise Architecture
  • Development and implementation of the Business Continuity Plan
  • Contamos com líderes de prácticas de consultoría internacional 

Our methodology is based on the fundamental principles to help people incorporate a technology, adapting the processes for organizational change, so that they are accepted and promoted by the users involved, as well as by the organization as a whole.