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About Us

The Company

The CLEVER SERVICES business group is headquartered in Mexico City (CLEVER SERVICES S. de R.L. de C.V.), according to Mexican laws and has companies in the USA, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil and Argentina.

The company from Mexico was created in late 2007 to provide consulting services to companies to align the business with technology.

It is based on the philosophy of harmonization between technology, people and processes. The objective that it sought from its foundation is to be the alternative with greater added value to improve the efficiency of its clients.

Its success is based on the extensive experience of the professional staff assigned to projects, together with a professional methodological and practical management of the projects.

The structure of associated administrative costs is lower than that of transnational companies, which allows Clever Services to be more competitive in prices and flexibility, and with the same quality (own offices, philosophy of austerity and no marketing expenses).

The shareholders are Gabriela Carmen Marcelina Pérez Faggiani and Marcelo Enrique Krebs Bereciartúa, with 50% each.

Clever Services is registered in Mexico in CONACYT since 2014, is commercial and technical representative of the American company MITEC (ICAR) since 2011, “preferred partner” of CapGemini since 2012, Gold Partner of Oracle since 2015, Service Partner of the company IBM since 2016 and TIBCO Partner since 2017.

The company has been audited by Sweet Business since its founding in 2007. In 2014, the company Solutions and Services in Information Technology, S.R.L., was created in Costa Rica. It provides the same services as Mexico, leveraged by the experience and the Corporate team.

In 2015, the company CLEVER SERVICES LLC was created under the laws of the State of Delaware in the United States of America, with the purpose of transforming it into the HOLDING of the Clever Services group over time. In order to have an orderly scheme, the administration was given to the CT company of the Wolters Kluvert Group, world leaders in compliance.

At the end of 2016 the company Clever Services Brasil Servicos de Informatica LTDA was created with headquarters in San Pablo, and in mid-2017 the company Clever Services SRL was created in Argentina with headquarters in Buenos Aires.

The Team

Founding Partner

Marcelo Krebs

Founding Partner

Gabriela Pérez Faggiani

General Accountant

Guillermo Krebs Pérez

Project Manager

Victor Castillo

Manager of HR and Outsourcing

Elizabeth Orozco Bautista

Consultant Sr.

William Delgado

Research and Development Manager

Manuel Méndez

System Manager

Mario Bermeo


We integrate people, processes and technology to provide value-added solutions to our customers.

We help improve productivity by improving processes and the efficient use of information technology.

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