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We are a group of professionals of different specialties in the administrative and computer sciences, who provide high quality consulting services, harmonizing people, processes and technology. Our consulting model is based on providing value-added services that allow our clients to meet their strategic goals and objectives. Our structure of associated administrative costs is lower than that of transnational companies, which allows us to be more competitive in prices and conditions, without affecting the quality of the services. Solid alliances with quality products.

Consultative pre-sale capacity. Flexibility in negotiation and adequate prices. Own office: Santa Fe (Mexico City) and San José (Costa Rica). Products of own development. Regional presence. Philosophy of innovation. Financial situation without debts. Excellent project fulfillment (more than 180 projects in 75 clients, all referenced).

We are a group of reliable professionals of different specialties who provide high quality consulting services with a lot of commitment.

We know the concepts and practices of computer technologies that are being applied internationally and we adapt them to our clients.

Our experience in processes, planning, organization and control of projects allow us to obtain results optimizing the cost-benefit equation.

We focus on interpreting the specific needs of companies and give creative and practical answers based on information technologies.

We want to be an alternative to the big international consultancies, with lower costs for clients and with greater flexibility in the negotiation.