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Application that allows to read an identity document, verify its authenticity, read the bar code, put a semaphore of recommendation, cut, photo, signature, fingerprint and allows to save the centralized information and give reports.


Solution for Android, iOS and Windows that allows OCR of an identity document, reading your data, cutting footprint, signature and photo, giving geolocation, consulting regulatory entities, and a customized workflow.


Kiosk (totem) that allows you to integrate document reader, fingerprints, photo camera, touch keyboard, band or insert reader, printer etc, to perform self-service procedures.


Application of vault management and cash for banks that includes the handling of banknotes in the vaults, and window operations (quantity and denomination).


Web service that allows reading data with OCR of a document (proof of address, identity document, bank statements, etc.) and send them to another computer system.


Integral administration of 1 to 10 fingerprints through registration, authentication and transactional identification, using a biometric engine with encryption with authentication mechanisms.


Solution with facial recognition for access authentication, including life recognition. It allows to give a percentage of coincidence and is integrated with other applications.


Clever Service Integrator

Solution so that different peripheral devices of the bank window are integrated into a system, such as check reader, pinpad, thermal printer and document authenticator.